Restotal Hotel Booking Engine

Key Features

– Vrious filtering search support
– Google Map based searching filtering
– Searching by address or land mark with distance Best rate
– Multiple suppliers rate compare at a time
– Lowest rate by passport nationality control
– Various markup as per supplier, country, city, hotel and agent Tariff handling
– Rate and allotments management
– Various promotion type support
– Hotelier extranet service

Contents Management System
– Hotel information as static data
– Selectivity as per suppliers inventory
– Direct Contract Hotel data handling
– Promotion hotel management

Hotel Mapping Management
– Automatic mapping support
– System Based automatic Mapping tool support

Systems for all sized companies
– Web based solutions along with internal database systems

User Friendly Interface
– Real time booking support
– Google Map interface searching Hotel as per land mark or address
– Walking distance searching from land mark

Efficiency and cost savings
– Optimize job Processing
– Immediate room block control
– Customer records maintained by system
– 24/7@365 nonstop operation
– Payables & receivables accounting
– Minimize human resources

Client satisfaction
– Immediate response
– Reliable & flexible process

Various Reports
– Destination report
– Monthly report as per Agent, operator, suppliers

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